Sculpey Silicone Bakeable Mold, BoHo

Oven safe silicone mold.  Simple to use.  Perfect for oven-bake clay and Liquid Polymer Clay.

Bakes in your home oven.  

Quickly and easily add detail elements, to jewelry, home decor, paper crafting and more.

The Boho Chic trend is popular for everything to home decor to fashion!  This mold allows you to put a unique DIY spin on the trend.

Shapes include:

Feathers, Hearts, Agate, Dreamcatcher, Moon, Stars, Arrow Border, three decorative shapes.

Add some sophistication to your craft projects with this beautifully designed BoHo silicone mold. T

This mold was designed to work perfectly with Sculpey Liquid bakeable medium and comes with a squeegee to make an evenly filled mold easier than ever! Simply fill the mold cavities with the liquid bakeable medium, squeegee off excess and bake!  (squeegee included)

  •     Oven-safe high quality silicone
  •     Mold size 3” H x 5” W
  •     1.7” H x 3.3” W Squeegee included
  •     Easy to use, very flexible and non-toxic
  •     Easy to clean with soap and water
  •     Can be used up to 450 °F


Brand Sculpey

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