The design area of the screens in this range is approximately 12cm x 9.5cm.

Both sides of these silkscreens can be used when applying paint, allowing the creation of mirror images  

Put a line of paint along one edge. Pull the paint across the stencil with a squeegee or an old credit card. Remove the stencil by slowly lifting up from one side.

Do not let the paint dry on your stencil. Keep a container of water nearby to place your stencil in. Gently rinse your silk screen with water using soap if necessary. Gently rub the paint off with a soft sponge if required. Do not use rough material as it may rub off the emulsion and ruin the design.  Therefore care must be exercised to avoid scratching or rubbing off your design. Place on a towel or drying rack to dry, shiny side up. If several stencils get stuck together do not pull them apart. Soak the stencils in water for a few minutes until they come apart.

Clean stencils with plain tap water.  If necessary use latex paint remover, paint thinner or oil based paint remover. 

Store stencils flat, do not fold or bend. May be stored in zip-lock bags or a box.



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