Earring Kit 12mm Glass & Stainless Steel Bezel On Stainless Steel Stud.  DIY


1. Full Kit includes 2oz Diamond Glaze, 2oz e6000, and 1/2 inch paper punch. Aslo 50 or 100 x 12mm Bezel studs with Clutch

(Suggest this is the kit you need if you wish to go on making this type of earring, as you can then top up the findings & glass, continuing to use the glue, diamond glaze and punch for a very long time)





(Only use paper that is printed with a laser printer, or scrapbook paper or other purchased paper, if you use ink jet pictures the ink may run.)

STEP 1: Select your image. I like to use my glass dome as a guide by sliding it over my artwork. When you are satisfied with the picture, then punch out using your half inch punch, or if you do not have a punch move straight to

STEP 2: On the backside of the glass, paint a thin even coat of Diamond Glaze.

STEP 3: Press your glass dome to your artwork by squeezing the two between your thumb and forefinger. Slide the two back and forth pressing any excess glaze or air out that can be trapped underneath.

STEP 4: (step 4 only required if you have not used a punch to cut your picture in Step 1.)  Trim your image with a pair of scissors using the edge of the glass dome as your guide.

STEP 5: Paint a thin coat of glue onto the back of the image (now attached to the glass) and press into your bezel / metal pendant. 





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