Resin Jewellery 606 Clear Doming Epoxy Resin Kits

Resin Jewellery 606 Clear Doming Epoxy Resin Kits Made In Australia
Resin Jewellery 606

Clear Doming Epoxy Resin Kits


Glass like crystal clear lowest viscosity casting epoxy jewellery resin.

The hardest glass like, scratch resistant jewellery resin blend with pigments, dyes, pearls and metal powders, the ultimate for epoxy craft work.

The professional’s choice for prestige pieces and mass production badge coatings.


Made In Australia 

SOLID CAST 606, Clear Doming Epoxy Resin Solid Cast 606 is a low viscosity, cycloaliphatic epoxy resin system offering a long pot life and extended working time. The cured system has excellent clarity and colour retention. It is ideally suited for the production of clear castings, electrical encapsulation and badge coating. The system can coloured by the addition of pigments and dyes to produce a broad range of coloured items.
Liquid Properties Part A Part B Mixed Colour Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear Liquid Viscosity cps@ 25ºC 1500 120 Mix Ratio by Weight 3 1 Mixed viscosity cps @ 25ºC 600-800 Pot Life 150g min@ 25ºC 60 Typical Physical Properties Hardness Shore D 85 Tensile Strength psi 10,200 Tensile elongation % 6.5 Refractive Index 1.48 Mixing. Condition the material at 18-23ºC.
With epoxies the larger the mass the shorter the potlife of the mix, only mix the amount of product that can be used within the potlife.
Accurately measure out Part A and Part B by weight into clean containers.
Add the Part B to the Part A and mix using a power stirrer operating at 15-250 rpm for 2-3 minutes.
Scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container, with a flat edged scraper, to incorporate any unmixed material clinging to the sides and bottom of the container.
Mix for a further minute until the material is uniform in colour and free from streaks.
Take care to keep the mixing blade fully immersed in the mix to avoid incorporating air.
Immediately pour the mixed material into the mould, pouring from one end of the mould in a thin stream.
Vibrating the mould will help in bringing any air bubbles, that were incorporated into the mix, to the surface.
When badge coating set the item to be coated on a perfectly level surface and pour the liquid so that it domes over the surface and is retained by the edges of the object. Small bubbles trapped during pouring can be pricked with a pin or removed by gently blowing warm air over the surface.
Curing This product must be heat cured to achieve full physical properties. Allow the item to cure for 6-8hrs at room temperature then postcure for 4-6 hours at 60-70ºC. Demoulding time of cast items is dependent on the thickness of the cast item.
Health and Safety. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear gloves and safety glasses when using this product. Use with adequate ventilation. A detailed Material Safety Data Sheet is available for this product.
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